GS-24 Features


Speed and Precision made easy

The GS-24 leverages its completely re-designed cutting carriage and blade holder, accepting a wide range of materials (50 to 700mm wide). Vinyls. Paint mask. Twill. Heat transfer. Sandblast material. The GS-24 does it all.

Measure once. Cut 10-times.

The GS-24 features state-of-the-art Overlap cutting (up to 10-times), half or perforated cutting, and the ability to cut by line color. Now, complicated workflows are easier than ever.

Strength comes from within.

GS-24 flexes its muscles with up to 350 grams of force (a 40% increase) – making cutting and weeding thick substrates like magnetic materials a piece of cake.

Crop Mark Recognition.

With included optical registration system, the GS-24 recognizes desktop printer crop marks, perfectly aligning the media to create, precise cuts each and every time.

Small Designs. Big Results.

Blade offset values can be adjusted manually – which means that even the smallest, most intricate designs will be cut flawlessly on a multitude of materials.

Speed That's Spot On.

Thanks to a highly-innovative digital servomotor, the GS-24 can cut up to 500mm per second. But speed without accuracy doesn’t mean anything. That’s where our curve-smoothing function comes in – precisely cutting at the highest speeds to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Keep it Simple.

With a newly-designed LCD panel, precise blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting, and an included roller base that keeps feeds straight, we made sure the GS-24 is as easy to use as it is technologically-advanced.