Reverse Engineering

Automated 3D Scanning at the Touch of a Button

Roland 3D laser scanners and touch probe scanners are perfect for a wide variety of CAD and computer graphics applications, including capturing complex data for hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation and a host of biomedical applications. LPX DS Series 3D laser scanners can generate a detailed, high-resolution 3D model with watertight surfaces. Bundled LPX EZ Studio reverse engineering software automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes and decimates 3D models. Optional Pixform Pro II reverse engineering software expands scan data uses by enabling users to quickly and intuitively convert scan data into fully editable 3D CAD models. The LiveTransfer feature enables users to transfer their completed files directly to popular software packages including SolidWorks, UGS NX or Pro/Engineer Wildfire.

Roland products also mean safety and convenience. The LPX DS series scanners are fully enclosed systems that can be added to any engineering or design lab or incorporated into educational curriculum without safety concerns.


Rapid Prototyping – Capture organic shapes and blister packaging for designing new products and packaging, and as-built parts for quicker part design modification.

CGI – Scan toys and existing sculpted models for integration into computer animation software.

Artifact Geometry – Capture broken parts, moulds, and castings and existing as-built parts for rapid prototyping and reproduction.

Medical/Dental – 3D scans provide precision data for dental and medical applications including prosthetics, bone replacement, custom bridges and crowns.

Jewellery – Scan freeform, organic objects and even unique textures and patterns for incorporation into innovative, one-of-a-kind jewellery designs.

Archiving – Scan original art pieces for archiving or scaled reproductions and as well as legacy parts.

Education – The future is education. Empower students with the technical knowledge and skill set to be successful in a wide variety of engineering careers in industrial and dental/medical applications, and even animation and jewellery design.

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