Dye Sublimation

Catch a New Wave in Sublimation

Roland makes it easier than ever to bring stunning graphics to soft signage, exhibits and decor. No special training is required to produce outstanding results.

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Soft Signage & Exhibits – Sublimated textiles are growing rapidly in popularity for trade show exhibits and soft signage. Featuring eight piezo inkjet print heads, the Roland XT-640 and RT-640 produces stunning sublimated prints that can be easily transferred to polyester fabric for vibrant flags, banners and textiles that preserve the fabrics natural drape and texture. In addition to offering brilliant colour, fabrics are lighter in weight for shipping and hanging. Roland also offers the TexArt series of printers in 64 inch sublimation models featuring Heatwave SBL3 sublimation inks.

Printed Fabric Decor– Office and home decor is fast becoming a lucrative market for Rolands Texart RT-640 sublimation printer. The RT-640 is currently serving select shops to produce large, fabric fine art reproductions, murals and decorative fine art prints. The RT-640s sublimation inks produce dense, rich colours, making them well suited for a range of decor applications. In addition, fabric prints can enhance the acoustics of a room, a factor that is increasingly important as interiors continue to feature many hard surfaces such as granite, tile and hardwood. With the introduction of the XT-640, dye sublimation has never been easier, Fast, Stylish and reliable.

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Texart XT-640