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Roland DG is the leading supplier of solutions to the Graphics Arts, Design and Technology industries. Roland DG’s products are manufactured using industry leading techniques and standards; whilst minimising environmental impact. The Roland DG Care programme encompasses a complete range of premium services which creates peace of mind for the customer to allow their imagination to soar.

Roland DG South Africa is the South African-based marketing, distribution and sales arm of Roland DG Corporation of Hamamatsu, Japan, a worldwide leader in the sign, graphic arts, fine art, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modelling industries. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG is the world’s number one provider of wide-format inkjet printers for the durable graphics market. Roland DG is also affiliated with Roland Corporation, renowned in the music world for developing MIDI technology and for producing sophisticated digital music equipment including keyboard synthesizers, recording equipment and other related technologies.

Roland DG finds its technology roots in the music industry as well; the company’s advanced plotting technology was originally used to record the sound waves for Roland Corporations line of music synthesizers. This precision plotting technology quickly garnered widespread acceptance during the CAD/CAM revolution of the 1980s and provided the basis for new generations of digital input and output technologies to follow.

Within a few short years, Roland DG began introducing a wide variety of groundbreaking products including vinyl cutters, thermal transfer printer/cutters, wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, 3D scanners and milling devices, and engravers. The products blazed new trails for entire industries and earned Roland DG a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

A Little About Ourselves:

We are a bunch of people who get excited about teaching digital techniques to others. We eat, dream and sleep digital production solutions, be it for Sign-writing, Jewelry manufacture, Tool and Die making, Fashion, Engraving, you name it, we are dreaming up new and exciting ways for you to become proficient and self reliant with digital machinery.

Our Views on BEE:
We believe in the upliftment of any individual given that they have the will to apply their creativity and ingenuity in their endeavour to improve themselves. We don’t accept skin colour as an advantage or disadvantage. We did not with the previous government, we do not with the present government. The people who work for us are the best at what they do, and they are many colours of the rainbow. We don’t care if they have three eyes, twenty legs or even dress a little funny, they are dam good and they love to serve you, the customer. It is an insult to our staff to let them think they are appointed because of their skin colour. No, we appointed them because we respect them as individuals. They make a difference to you, and they are constantly striving to improve their knowledge. Enough said.

On Employment:

We are always on the look out for bright people who want to improve themselves. We don’t care what you look like or where you come from. We want you, if you have the capacity to learn and to make a contribution to your team members. You learn quickly, you teach others, you care about others, not just yourself, you accept that the right answer is as illusive as the famous Unicorn, and you are damn good, then just maybe we have a job for you and you can join our exciting team.


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