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Roland DWX-30
– Designed specifically for dental labs and technicians, the DWX-30 is Rolands newest compact CNC milling machine built on more than 20 years of experience in subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) technology. This newest Roland 3D innovation includes everything we have learned in producing CNC milling machines. The result is a compact design, clean, quiet operation, and quality, high-speed machining.

The DWX-30 dental milling system features an integrated clamping system, integrated dust collection system and Virtual Panel which make it easy to create copings, crowns and bridges. The integrated clamping system holds a wide variety of material including wax and zirconia.

The integrated vacuum system completely removes dust particles from the machine while keeping the DWX-30 and lab environment clean. Whether milling zirconia or wax, the DWX-30 effectively collects cut chips and removes them from the milling area.

The DWX-30 is extremely affordable, making it easy for the dental professional to invest in precision milling technology. There are many dental milling machine systems available in the marketplace, and some cost more than 7 times the price of the DWX-30.


  • 4-axis milling machine, dental prosthetics
  • Mills wax and zirconia for precision copings and crowns
  • Compatible with industry standard software
  • Allows materials to be tilted 20 degrees
  • Produces high-quality shapes with no undercuts
  • Three types of clamps are included, one for disks and two for blocks, making it easy to securely hold a wide variety of material
  • Clear dust collection capsule captures all milling materials for a clean environment free of dust particles
  • Tool sensor automates machine and tool setup, saving valuable time
  • Desktop device compact enough for small office spaces
  • Affordably priced dental milling system