MPX-90 Features


MPX-90 Impact Printer Features

Personalise Everything from Delicate Keepsakes to Heavy-Duty Tools

With its diamond stylus and powerful impact force, the Roland METAZA MPX-90 photo impact engraver can imprint on a wide variety of materials that include stainless steel, iron, titanium platinum and softer substrates such as acrylic, gold, silver, copper, nickel and aluminium.

Imprint Photographs, Vector Graphics and Text

The MPX-90 photo impact engraver uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus to strike the material with high speed and precision to reproduce even the most delicate gradations and small typefaces of your original design. The results are exceptional, with detailed graphics and fonts that stand out.

Pens and stationary; Smart devices; Medical tools & instruments; Industrial plates; Jewellery & pendants & Trophies


Improve Your Workflow with Variable Data Printing

While the ability to imprint small text and graphics even on the hardest of surfaces makes the MPX-90 unbeatable for such assignments, variable data printing capabilities also enable users to automatically apply sequential data to each item in a series.

Imprint Items of Extended Lengths

The MPX-90 features a fixed X-axis table that allows users to insert items of extended lengths when the machines cover is open. This feature enables users to imprint serial numbers anywhere along the edge of a product or personalise larger gift items such as photo frames or awards.

Easy-to-Use Software Included

1) Import text or images. 2) Layout and edit your graphics. 3) Print.