MDX- 40


sampleSRP on Your Desktop
With the MDX-40 3D Milling Machine, you can quickly and easily create high-quality prototypes, parts and models right at your desktop. The MDX-40 allows industrial designers to perform a full range of subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) applications in-house, eliminating the added time and security risks associated with outsourcing. It’s a perfect tool for shortening the product development cycle and bringing complex product designs quickly to market.

Supports Popular 3D CAD/CG Software and Includes Roland’s CAM and CAM Simulation Software
The MDX-40 supports most popular 3D CAD/CG software packages and comes complete with Roland’s own MODELA Player 4 CAM software and Virtual MODELA CAM simulation software. MODELA Player 4 controls an optional Rotary Axis Unit and supports industry standard file formats including STL, IGES*3 and DXF*4. This advanced, easy-to-use package allows you to confirm an object from various angles and produce a 3D rendering.

With Virtual MODELA*5, you can accurately simulate finished shapes and estimate the production time for each job. This enables you to eliminate milling errors and to optimize both time and materials. The MDX-40 also includes Roland’s 3D Engrave and Dr. Engrave engraving software. All Roland software packages are compatible with Windows XP/2000/ME/98 and Window Vista.

High-Speed Performance And Generous Work Area
Featuring a powerful 100W brushless-motor spindle and 0.01mm/step software resolution, the MDX-40 quickly generates smooth-finished, beautiful results with precision every time. It accommodates a wide variety of low-priced materials including ABS, acrylic, chemical woods, plaster, styrene foam and wax. For optimum performance with a range of materials and cutters, the MDX-40 offers an adjustable spindle speed ranging from 4,500 to 15,000 rpm. Additionally, the MDX-40 features a generous work area of 305mm(X) x 305mm(Y) x 105mm(Z) (12″x 12″x 4.12″, large enough for most small- to mid-size SRP applications.

Easy To Operate
The MDX-40 is designed for easy operation with only four buttons: power, view, tool up and tool down. An on-screen operation panel makes using the MDX-40 even easier, allowing you to quickly select settings for both cutter movement and the cutting start location. Factory included origin sensors easily help identify the cutter tip and Z0 positions.

Designing with MDX-40

Optional Rotary Axis Unit and Scanning Sensor Unit
The MDX-40’s Rotary Axis Unit*1 is designed for unattended 3D milling at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees. With the Rotary Axis Unit, you can easily and accurately mill a wide variety of two- and four-sided objects. In addition, an optional scanning sensor unit*2 can be easily installed. This unit comes with Dr. PICZA 3, full-featured scanning software that includes a wide variety of editing functions. With Dr. PICZA 3, scanning data can be exported in DXF, IGES or VRML formats, or as Point Cloud data (ASCII).

Clean, Quiet and Safe Work Environment
The MDX-40 features a compact footprint and fits easily on the desktop. A machine cover ensures a clean and quiet operation, making it ideal for office use. A new optional dust box collects cutting dust, further promoting a clean work area. An emergency stop switch ensures safe operation.