Be More Productive and Profitable with the JWX-30 Wax Master Modelling.

jwx30Introducing the JWX-30 into your jewellery wax master model production lets you benefit from all its valuable advantages without losing any of your creativity. The JWX-30 Wax Master Modelling quickly produces a wide variety of wax master models for fine jewellery from your designs – from rings and pendants to bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks – designs that can exceed the limits of human dexterity. The JWX-30 also automates more laborious tasks – such as replicating left and right earrings and reducing model weight to meet stringent client demands – so that you can focus on more rewarding aspects of your craft. With the JWX-30, you can devote more time to your creative work while increasing the number of highly profitable intricate wax master models. No more eyestrain, stiff shoulders or hours tied to the bench – just pin-sharp accuracy, consistency and reliability. The JWX-30 is a complete, fast and versatile solution for jewellery wax master model production.

Four simple steps to release your creativity and save precious time:

Step 1
step1 Create a digital model in JewelStudio software (or scan in your hand drawn concepts and trace them in the software).
Step 2
step2 Create a digital model in minutes, and then render the design for client approval.
Step 3
step3 While you are getting on with your business, your wax master is being carved.
Step 4
step4 Tha wax master can be used to produce the final piece, or to create a master model for lager scale production.

Boost Productivity and Enhance Client Communication:

Roland JewelStudio, the jewellery design software for the JWX-30, has been specifically developed for jewellery designers and goldsmiths. Roland JewelStudio allows you to digitize hand-sketches or follow simple step-by-step instructions to draw jewellery quickly and intuitively without hindering creativity.

The GemStudio feature lets you select gems in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types from an extensive library and place them with a single click of the mouse. You can then modify jewellery to different sizes or subtly alter designs effortlessly. Automatic Pave places a specified number of gems on the jewellery surface in a dimensionally accurate and aesthetically pleasing way.

The on-screen model can be tilted and rotated with a finesse equal to holding a real model in your fingertips. You can confirm every aspect of your design and present it to your client – giving form to your creativity and clarity for their imagination – and ensure their satisfaction with the final product.