Jewellery Vices


Boost your Creativity with these Jewellery Jaws


Revolutionary Roland jewellery making devices combine everything you need, including powerful, easy-to-use software, to quickly produce a wide variety of wax models from your designs for fine jewellery.

Our low-cost photo impact printers quickly turn pendants and charms into personalised mementoes of great value.

These vices can be used on our engraving and metal printer machines like the MDX-50 and the MPX-95.

Create your jewellery, then personalise it with our Roland solutions. Our vices can cater for:

  • Small ring or pendant vices
  • Large rings, pendants and multi piece
  • Extra-large pendants, belt buckles or multi-piece items

The Jewellery vices enable you to produce a finished product – from the design to the wax model and then finally the item to sell. For more information contact us.


  • personalised dog tags
  • gifts
  • pens
  • keyrings
  • jewellery