SJ-1045 Features


The Clear Choice for Those Who Want It All

V technology

With the advent of V Technology, Roland has re-engineered its award winning SOLJET line and made it even better. V Technology combines several hardware and software refinements that allow you to print brilliant graphics with greater ease and precision than ever before. Together, these upgrades add up to the ultimate in printing, ink, media and RIP technology, and make the SOLJET SJ-1045 ideal for all manner of advanced grand-format applications.

Automated Media Feed and Take Up System

Automated Media Feed and Take Up SystemAutomated Media Feed and Take UpSystem The SJ-1045 includes an automated media feed and take-up system to facilitate precision printing, even when unattended. This pre-assembled unit includes front-mounted feed and take-up rollers and a dual idler roller system that applies tension to larger rolls to ensure media is fed straight. The system supports rolls weighing up to 220 lbs. and offers front access for convenient loading and unloading of both feed and take-up rolls.

Blazing Print Speed

In addition to printing fine reproductions, the PRO II V Series can produce 360 ? 360 dip signs and POP display at 340 sqft/hr. With one-inch-wide print heads that employ 360 nozzles each, the PRO II V prints large 30-sqrt banners in only 5 1/2 minutes. The chart below illustrates the various print modes, resolution settings, and the resulting production capacity in square feet per hour.

Integrated Heating System

Integrated Heating System All SOLJET inkjets include an integrated media heating system that accelerates ink fastness, brightness and drying times. The SJ-1045 features a pre- and print-heater to help with ink fastness and a long sloping post-heater to quickly dry the large print jobs produced.

IS-1000 High Capacity Ink Delivery System

To ensure performance for even the longest production runs, the SJ-1045 features the IS-1000 high capacity ink delivery system that incorporates a total of 24 ink cartridges. This ink system ensures uninterrupted performance with an automated ink-empty warning that signals when a cartridge needs replacement. Cartridges can then be replaced easily without the need to pause the printer.

Network Connection

Equipped with a standard 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the SJ-1045 connects seamlessly to office networks with a data transmission rate of 1.1 Mb/sec. This makes it easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment.

Great Print Quality

The SJ-1045 precisely controls droplet placement in both the print head travel and paper feed directions to provide true 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution in Artistic Mode. It uses a digital servomotor to control the media and features Piezo print heads. Variable droplet technology uses micro-precise ink droplets of three different sizes depending on the type of output. This state-of-the-art technology delivers truly breathtaking output with virtually smooth, dot-free tones even at high speed. The SJ-1045 features the option to run in two different ink configurations: four-color CCMMYK or six-color CMYKLcLm. The CCMMYK configuration was designed to achieve the highest print speeds possible while maintaining vibrant colors in a wide gamut. The six-color CMYKLcLm configuration ensures optimum photorealistic quality and color gamut – even when viewing graphics from a short distance. In addition, VersaWorks supports industry standard ICC profiles, comes with several Roland media profiles, and is compatible with profiles created through standard profiling packages

VersaWorks RIP Software

VersaWorks supports the Roland Color system which accurately reproduces more than 1,000 spot colors from color charts and swatch books. With VersaWorks, users can choose from print options including a high-speed mode for production banner printing, the MAX Impact preset for vivid outdoor graphics and Artistic mode for exceptional indoor graphics. In addition, VersaWorks features Variable Data Printing and supports up to four Roland devices simultaneously including printers, printer/cutters and cutters. It automatically estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic so you can accurately monitor time and costs.

VersaWorks features include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, software proofing capabilities, error diffusion for outstanding print quality and advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options. Support for Roland cutters allows you to pair a Roland cutter with any wide-format or desktop printer for print/cut applications.