EGX-360 Features


EGX-360 Gift & Trophy Engraving Machine

Everything you need in one powerful, versatile device.

Personalizes a wide range of gift items, including flasks, wine bottles, mugs, wedding sets, cigar tubes and baby products. Optional ring attachment enables you to engrave rings both inside and out. Works seamlessly with R-WearStudio software to quickly produce highly-detailed rhinestone templates for creating custom apparel and gifts. Supports traditional engraving applications, such as awards, name badges and ADA signs with ease.

Optional Software

The EGX-360 is compatible with most software engraving programs available on the market, including FlexiEngrave 8.51, EngraveLab v7.1. EGX-360 comes complete with a wide range of valuable accessories that make it possible to produce a wide range of gift, award and trophy engraving machines, including: Handy panel controller, Depth regulator nose, Nosecone for glass engraving and Jigs for cylindrical and flat surface engraving to name a few.

Easy Operation

Unlike traditional other gift and trophy engraving machines, Roland’s EGX-360 makes engraving easy. Thanks to a built-in laser pointer system, setup is a breeze. The bundled software that comes with the EGX-360 automatically detects material size and allows you to preview jobs prior to engraving. This feature is critical when using expensive materials since the pointer ensures that only the intended area is engraved.



The EGX-360 is capable of engraving a wide selection of cylindrical and curved objects made from glass, crystal and metal, as well as excels at flat engraving, diamond scribing and 3D reliefs. The machine can also be sued to engrave plastics, light metals, wood and artificial marble.

Dr. Engrave

Dr. Engrave includes TrueType fonts and an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV, for engraving product serial numbers and nametags. The software quickly and easily imports data and places columns of information into pre-defined text boxes to produce corporate nametags and entire door-numbering projects. Dr. Engrave is compatible with Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

R-Wear Studio Software

R-Wear Studio

Never outsource your rhinestone jobs again! EGX-350/360/400/600 engraving machines come with Roland R-Wear Studio software. Create beautiful rhinestone templates from your designs using the software’s extensive library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones in varying colors, sizes and shapes. It also displays a job’s cost, allowing you to quickly calculate profits and manage rhinestone inventories.