DWX-51D Features


5-Axis Machining for Smoother Production

The DWX-51D is a smooth and steady ball screw-driven machine capable of milling complex restorations. It operates on X,Y, and Z axes simultaneously rotating blocks and discs. Tilting on the B axis it supports deep undercuts and the complex milling of large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.

Clean and Comfortable Operation

A unique inner structure with spacious airflow supports comfortable operation, while an automatic dust collection feature boasts a powerful vacuum for clean usage and calibration. An ionizer removes static, ideal for milling PMMA material.

Economical Open Architecture

The open architecture of the DWX-51D allows you to work with the latest materials, CAD/CAM software and scanners, without needing to rely on a single source.

Connect Multiple Machines and Increase Production

The DWX-51D offers multicast capability that allows connection of up to four Roland DG machines to one computer, making it easier than ever for dental labs to expand their businesses and increase their production capacity.

VPanel for Simplified Operation

Complex controls associated with CNC milling have been replaced by a user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) that automatically starts the milling process, conducts machine diagnostics and operates milling calibration from your computer.

New C-Shape Clamp for Quicker Set-Up

The new C-shape clamp on the DWX-51D requires the adjustment of only two screws for a simplified set-up. The C-shape clamp (which includes a torque driver for improved clamping consistency) also provides exact alignment and uniformity, resulting in less misalignment issues.

10-Station Automatic Tool Changer for Continuous Milling

With a 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), DWX-51D users dont have to stop production to replace the specific burs needed for milling different materials.

Progress and Error Alerts for Error-Free Milling

To further automate the milling process and ensure error-free production, users receive e-mail notifications detailing any errors, or when milling is completed, while a color-coded LED light signals machine status.

9 Pin-Type Material Adapter Included

A material adapter with nine pin-type placement options is included for easy and error free set-up.

Peace-of-Mind, Reliability and Support

The DWX-51D offers unmatched reliability with the best warranty and post-sales support in the industry. Enjoy the benefit of certified service engineers that ensure your device is always up-and-running and a dedicated online and telephone support staff who can answer all your questions and concerns.