DWX-30 Features


Compact, Quiet 4-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Roland took its vast experience developing desktop CNC milling machines and created a machine specifically for the dental industry. The machine is compact, quiet and perfectly at home in the office or laboratory environment.

High Quality Machining in Wax and Zirconia

The DWX-30 was designed to cut high quality crowns, copings and bridges in wax and/or Zirconia. Aided by a maximum machine speed of 3600mm/min and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000 rpm, the DWX-30 cuts material quickly with precision. The machine gives users the ability to create precision models while helping to reduce errors, saving time and money.

Integrated Material Clamping System

Included with the DWX-30 is a material clamping system that is integrated into the machine and the VPanel. This integration allows for quick and easy setup of the material as well as quick material changeover. With the use of sub-clamps and adaptors, the DWX-30 can hold a wide variety of material ranging from 100mm discs to smaller blocks of wax or zirconia. This flexibility ensures that suitable materials for your application are readily available.

Tool Length Detection Sensor

The DWX-30 includes a high-performance tool length detection sensor which helps achieve precision cutting. When a tool change is necessary, you dont have to worry about placing the tool in the correct position, or measuring the tool to see if it is at the correct height. You simply need to install the tool then start the tool detection process which measures the tool automatically. This helps you achieve high precision cutting with minimal downtime. The high performance sensor also helps to accurately set up the dental clamp and set the origins for cutting. This sensor is designed to handle the smallest tools without breaking the tips.

Integrated Dust Collection System

The DWX-30 incorporates a highly secure, integrated dust collection system. This system is designed around the spindle and integrates a dental clamp to collect all dust particles created during the milling process. This efficient integrated dust collection system helps keep dust from contaminating the machine and lab for a clean, safe work area.

Virtual Machine Panel

The DWX-30 uses Rolands legendary Virtual Machine Panel or VPanel for short. This VPanel is the main operation panel for the machine and provides ease of use with a large display area. With the VPanel, you can automatically setup the dental clamp and quickly set the origin points. You can also manually move the tool to any desired location and control the spindle if needed. The VPanel has additional items such as an easily accessible hour meter to keep track of overall machine time for maintenance purposes.

Hand-Held Operation Panel

Roland has also included a hand-held operation panel that allows you to operate the machine while watching your material close up. The operation panel allows you to control tool movements and turn the spindle on or off.