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Resin Modeling

Superior quality to transform fabrication processes

By rigorously analysing the precision and fit required for digitally produced dentures, DWP-80S intelligently determines how dentures are printed and then chooses the ideal number and layout of support points while adjusting for material shrinkage factors.

Dental components that previously required an advanced level of skill can now be made easily by anyone to streamline the denture fabrication process.


Specially Formulated Resins

Using DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology the DWP-80S builds layers of resin that harden after being cured with UV light. Roland DG offers a selection of these resins which are formulated for specific applications. Quick Denta provides accurate, time-saving and cost-effective production by calculating the exact amount of resin needed for each job. This enables users to specifically estimate costs and be ultra-competitive with job pricing.


Quick Denta for easy 3-step operation

Newly developed bundled software Quick Denta comes pre-configured with the optimum parameters for printing a variety of denture applications in three simple steps by following the easy-to-follow workflow wizard. Denture applications can be produced immediately following set-up, eliminating the need for editing time or attaining expertise with using 3D printers.


Projector system for making multiple components simultaneously

A proprietary projector lens design cures the new resin with UV light emitted by the projector to form precise denture applications of various shapes and sizes. The 80 mm square work area is ideal for allowing multiple custom trays, base plates and frameworks to be printed simultaneously.

* Approximate number of simultaneously printed components: custom trays — up to 3, base plates — up to 4, frameworks — up to 4 (quantities may vary depending on the size of components).

Quick Denta software highlights

Automatic Rotation:

  • The angle of orientation of loaded CAD data can be saved as a preset value and configured for each type of model being made, thus eliminating the need to reset values each time.

Automatic Support Generation:

  • Most 3D printer software requires the user to have a thorough understanding of model support creation as this is commonly a manual process. Quick Denta automates the process by allowing users to create the optimised number of support structures with a single click to make post-processing easier.

3D Mesh Healing and Reduction:

  • During the importing process from CAD software to 3D printing software, minor errors can occur resulting in incomplete geometry or mesh data. An optional feature allows Quick Denta to automatically repair these errors without the need to return to the CAD software.

3D Preview:

  • A 3D preview feature allows the user to verify CAD data and setup prior to printing to prevent any 3D printing errors before they occur.

Make Multiple Components All at Once

The 80mm x 80mm x 80mm work area is ideal for printing multiple prosthetics, including custom trays, base plates and frameworks. Quick Denta software enables users to nest multiple jobs for printing, such as up to 3 different frameworks at once.

*Approximate number of simultaneously printed prosthetics (quantities may vary depending on the size of components): Up to 3 custom trays / Up to 4 base plates / Up to 4 frameworks.


DWP-80S_sample_allCustom Trays

A certified Class I biocompatible material that enables users to make complex custom trays to more accurately fit a patients unique anatomy. Easily print highly accurate custom trays to perfectly fit your patients unique anatomy.

Base Plates

A biocompatible Class IIa material for efficiently printing custom denture bases. Form an accurate foundation to evaluate the fit and stability of the final denture product with printed base plates.


A residue-free 3D castable material to create accurate partial denture perfactory frameworks. Create precision casts for partial denture frameworks in the fastest time possible and accelerate denture production for both clients and patients.