SRP Player Pro – 3D CAM Software

Exceptionally Precise, Fine Quality models
Inspect the elegant curves, smoothness and overall design of a cosmetic bottle both visually as well as by touch
Check the precision of joined components such as this nut and bolt
Import file format Rhino File (Rhinoceros 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0),
DXF file (3D polygon mesh data only),
IGES file (Preferably IGES V5.1 converted by JAMA-IS), and
STL file (Binary and ASCII formats)
Saving file format SRP Player Pro format (.spp)
Output code G-code (Compatible with FANUC G-Code with some exceptions),and RML-1 (Roland Machine Language)
NC Setting ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), Rotary Axis unit
Roland SRP Player Pro System Requirements
Operating system Windows Vista Business (32-bit edition), Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (32-bit edition)
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or faster
RAM 1024 or more is recommended
Free hard-disk space 2GB or more (800MB or more for virtual storage)
Connectivity USB Port required (for Hardware Security Key)
Compatible Roland 3D Milling Machine MDX-540, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, MDX-540SA, MDX-40, MDX-20, MDX-15,MDX-650(Discontinued), MDX-500(Discontinued),
Others 500(Discontinued), Pointing device, CD-ROM drive
Beautifully precise output

Unique method generates smooth, accurate cutter locations

SRP Player Pro ensures highly efficient milling, using CAD data to generate the
cutter locations. It creates smooth surfaces directly from the original CAD data.

 Unique SRP Player Pro Offset Method Produces Smooth Output
Offsets the surface. Tracing the surface, using asphere as a virtual tool. Generates a smooth path through the center of each virtual sphere.
 Polygon Calculation Method Produces Less Than Optimal Output
Approximates the surface of the polygon. Offsets the cross section by the tool radius. Offsets the surface.

Selects cutting area to fit design
For greater operating efficiency, SRP Player Pro generates the right cutter locations for the targeted sections whether they are square, circular or polygon shaped.

Optimizes cutter locations for finishing process
SRP Player Pro automatically generates the most efficient cutter locations for each of the different tools used. Larger radius tools are used to finish most of the surface area, while smaller tools are selected for fine details such as corners and indentations. This process ensures maximum throughput while maintaining the models fine details and smooth surface.

Cutter locations for the larger radius tools.


Cutter locations for the smaller radius tools used to create corners and indentations.

Intuitive workflow with easy-to-follow wizard

Simplify multifunctional CAM settings by following these steps to generate cutter locations

1st Step
Define work area
2nd Step
Set up milling process parameters
3rd Step
Generate cutter locations