SRM-20 Features


Desktop Milling Machine for precision 3D modeling

SRP technology

SRP stands for Subtractive Rapid Prototyping and is the process of beginning with a solid object and then using a subtractive process to machine away all unwanted material. SRP technologies deliver a high precision product with a smooth surface finish, from a wide range of non-proprietary materials. As a result, they are ideal for producing prototypes which require mechanical checks and confirmation of fit.

3 types of software included for ease of use

MODELA Player 4 is a CAM software that automatically calculates and displays the cutting tool path from 3D data created in commercial 3D CAD software or downloaded from the Internet. iModela Creator is a 2D milling software for processing 2D data such as text and graphics. ClickMILL provides the user with direct control of the machine without the need to access CAD or CAM software when drilling holes or cutting pockets and other finishing processes. All software can be used individually as needed.

Functioning prototypes

In the manufacturing and industrial sectors, it is critical that prototypes are robust, functional and will work in the field, just like the ‘real’ manufactured product they represent. Prototypes created on the SRM-20 do just that. The SRM-20 produces strong, precise products on a wide variety of non-proprietary materials such as modelling board, acrylic, ABS, wood and modelling wax.

Easy to use and office ready

The SRM-20 has a compact design that sits easily on a desktop in most design studios, offices, classrooms and engineering practices. Its interlocked full cover and dust-collection tray helps reduce dust around the machine, keeping your environment clean and clear of waste material. For increased safety, opening the cover automatically stops the machine.

Included ‘V Panel’ for optimum results

Designed for ease of use, the SRM-20 supports Roland’s unique ‘V Panel’, an on-screen operation panel. By using the speed-controlled 4-way cursor movement, the origin point can be set quickly and accurately. The ‘V Panel’ also allows full control over results and milling time by enabling the operator to alter the spindle RPM and milling speed during milling.