SRM-20 Milling Machine

The SRM-20 is Roland’s latest generation 3D desktop milling machine, incorporating innovative subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) features to deliver accuracy, smooth finishes and efficiency in a compact format.

With its new-design milling spindle, collet, circuit boards and control software, the SRM-20 produces beautiful finishes, including smooth curved surfaces and intricate details. Precision milling makes it ideally suited for creating prototypes which require mechanical checks and confirmation of fit. The SRM-20 can mill a variety of non-proprietary materials including modelling board, acrylic and wax. Optional collets are available to extend the mills capability with a wide range of mill shapes and sizes to create intricate details and high quality finishes. The results look and feel closer to the final production runs and are ready for final validation. Designed for ease of use, the SRM-20 supports Roland’s unique ‘V Panel’, an on-screen operation panel. The speed-controlled 4-way cursor movement sets the origin point quickly and accurately and spindle RPM and milling speed can be adjusted during milling to enable full control. The SRM-20 is part of Roland’s monoFab series of desktop fabrication solutions. For maximum flexibility and optimal performance, combine the SRM-20 with the additive rapid prototyping technology of the ARM-10 3D printer.


  • High precision 3D milling of prototypes and production models
  • In-house prototype production shortens the design/development cycle and reduces product development costs
  • Cuttable material: resins such as modelling board, wax (metals not supported)
  • X, Y, and Z operation strokes: 203.2mm (X) x 152.4mm (Y) x 60.5mm (Z)
  • Table size: 232.2mm (X) x 156.6mm (Y)
  • Loadable work weight: 2kg (4.4lbs)