Create Precision Models and Prototypes Quickly and Easily In your Office Environment Using roland SRP® Technology.


mdx-540Standard SRP Model

Precision SRP Model

mdx-540twoWith Built-in ATC

Precision Model with Built-in ATC
MDX-540 SA
Includes a factory-installed Automatic Tool Changer that has been tested for milling accuracy, allowing you to begin milling immediately without lengthy accuracy adjustments.

Modela Pro II MDX-540 Features:

  • Precision benchtop milling machine produces high-quality parts and models using Rolands Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) technology
  • Advanced S models utilizing higher accuracy ballscrews available for even greater precision
  • Simple on-screen menus and operation panel make setup and production easier than ever
  • Cutting area of 500 mm (X) x 400 mm (Y) x 155 (Z) mm (19.6 (X) x 15.7 (Y) x 6.1 (Z) in.) accommodates larger prototypes
  • Advanced software optimizes your 3D CAD data for flawless molds and parts
  • In-house milling shortens the design/development cycle and lowers product development costs

User-Friendly Operation:

Smooth surface finish produced by the MDX-540
Finish produced by a conventional milling machine

The new MDX-540 features numerous upgrades including a more rugged body design, faster arithmetic processing, improved smoothing functions, a streamlined worktable and more. Nearly every part and feature have been upgraded for superior all-around performance. Curved and rounded surfaces are smoother than ever for flawless finishes every time. The MDX-540 features a combination of Digital AC Servo motors and Feed Forward Processing (DAC-FFP) commonly used in larger, more expensive NC machines. This advanced technology ensures optimum torque and speed throughout the production process for powerful, high-speed milling.

*Milling quality may vary depending on software resolution, materials used and other criteria.

User-Friendly Operation:
Designed from the ground up for ease of use, the MDX-540 features a handy control panel that simplifies the setup and production processes by strategically grouping the most commonly used settings. Using a jog-dial, you can quickly and easily reposition tools and adjust spindle speeds without interrupting the milling process. For other settings, simply access the MDX-540s on-screen operation panel featuring clear, easy-to-navigate icons.

Powerful Options for High Production Demands:
Four powerful options let you build on your MDX-540 for even greater performance and unattended operation. These include an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), rotary axis unit, T-slot table and safety cover. The optional ATC holds up to four tools while the rotary axis unit facilitates 360 degree and multiple-surface cuts.

Able to Mill a Wide Variety of Materials:
With the MDX-540, you can produce molds and parts for small lot production quickly and inexpensively from a wide range of materials, including chemical woods, resin, ABS and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper.*

* The MDX-540 cannot mill light metals with the rotary axis unit.

"S" Models for Precision Applications:
S models offer high quality milling for snap-fit prototypes, smooth surface finishes and other advanced applications. S models feature precision ballscrews that achieve repeat accuracy up to 0.02 mm (0.0008 in.) and minimize cutting marks. Choose from the standard MDX-540S and the MDX-540SA with ATC unit included.