ARM-10 3D Printer

Roland’s newly developed desktop ARM-10 3D printer brings together the 3D modelling technologies Roland has pioneered and
enhanced since 1986.

The ARM-10 3D printer is ideal for quickly checking a design in the initial stage of prototyping or modelling a complex shape. Incorporating
a stereo-lithography process with a UV-LED projection system, the ARM-10 builds models by sequentially curing layers of resin from a liquid
resin vat. Simultaneous production of multiple objects can be accomplished within the same work area, reducing modelling time when compared with
methods where lasers expose specific areas. The ARM-10 is part of Rolands monoFab series of
desktop fabrication solutions. For maximum flexibility and optimal prototyping potential, combine the ARM-10 with the subtractive rapid
prototyping technology of the SRM-20 3D milling machine.


  • High quality, accurate desktop 3D printing of prototypes and production models
  • Produces prototypes for initial concepts and modelling complex shapes
  • In-house prototype production shortens the design/development cycle and reduces product development costs
  • Build technology: Layer projection system
  • Build size: 130 (W) x 70 (D) x 70 (H) mm
  • Build speed: 10mm/h (Layer pitch = 0.15mm)
  • monoFab Player AM software offers a user-friendly interface to support even novice users in 3D printing. Provides automatic support generation and 3D data healing function
  • 3D CAD/CG data optimised for 3D printing