DWX -52D


Introducing the DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Mill with Precision Performer and Efficiency Expert

The DWX-52DCi 5-axis dental mill for maximum efficiency and production. Capable of producing a wide range of restorations, including crowns, coping, bridges, inlays and onlays, veneers, abutments. implant bars, screw-retained crowns, digital dentures, models, surgical guides and bite splints, the DWX-52D 5-axis dental mill offers a highly reliable, precise, easy-to-use and affordable solution. New features include upgraded disc handling, increased material capabilities, improved tool management and other enhanced capabilities to make your lab more efficient and productive.

The DWX-52D provides continuous unattended milling with a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and includes dedicated slot for an included cleaning tool. Now you can load the included  cleaning tool into the ATC and set it up to automatically sweep away zirconia powder and other material dust for a cleaner milling surface.

New Clamping System

A new snap-on clamp system with six included adapters for 98.5mm discs offers a fast and secure set-up of zirconia, wax, PMMA, gypsum, PEEK, glass fibre-reinforced resin, composite resin and CoCr sinter materials. Disc material adapters maintain the original point-of-origin when milling reinserted discs. A pin-type material adapter enables setting up and milling eight pin-type blocks consecutively.

Adaptor Rack For Increased Efficiency

Six adapters for 98.5mm material discs are included as a standard with the DWX-52D allowing you to queue up the multiple milling jobs for efficient job management. An optional disc adapter rack is also available.