LEC-300A LEC-330

Imagine producing one-off packaging prototypes and short-run labels on a vast array of substrates, including metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film, even leather and fabrics.

Rolands DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series is the worlds first UV inkjet printer/cutter line and uses safe, low-heat LED lamps. Available in two 30 models, VersaUV prints CMYK + White + Clear for unmatched color, texture and dimension. Clear coat adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finish for area highlights to custom-textured effects such as faux leather and crocodile skin. Roland ECO-UV inks produce graphics that are easy to handle and can be stretched across both curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking.

For professionals focused on packaging prototyping, the LEC-300 offers remarkable performance features at a more affordable price. The top-of-the-line LEC-330 offers faster production printing up to 101 sqft./hr. and higher image quality up to 1440×1440 dpi, making it ideally suited for short-run production of labels and specialty graphics as well as prototyping applications. The VersaUV LEC-330 can also be configured in your choice of three ink combinations. The LEC-330s Intelligent Ink Circulation System optimizes ink usage and minimizes waste and an optimized hood design ensures compatibility with semi-rigid substrates including card stocks and polycarbonates.

Add Unique Glossy Effects and Digitally Die Cut Your Graphics – All on One Device

The VersaUV beautifully prints your design and finishes graphics with rich special effects created by 3-dimensional layers of clear coat. 50 ready-to-use textures are available, adding luxury and distinction to your prototypes and comps. Choose any combination of matte and gloss finishes and layer them for interesting patterns. Use white ink to print on transparent and shrinkwrap film for food packaging prototypes. No additional die cutting is necessary because the VersaUV prints and digitally die cuts graphics in virtually any shape automatically through one seamless workflow.

Gloss finish
Matte finish
white ink


Advanced Ink Circulation System Dramatically Lowers Running Costs

The VersaUV includes an automated ink circulation system that prevents the pigment in white inks from settling. This advanced ink circulation system requires no manual intervention and reduces ink waste for lower running costs.* The system also enables printing immediately after turning on the device for maximum productivity and exceptional image quality throughout the longest production runs.

Unmatched Quality Across a Wide Variety of Materials

The VersaUV prints on a wide range of media including paper, film and leather. In addition, it supports card stock, plastic board, polycarbonate and other rigid substrates (except metals) up to 1 mm (0.04″) thick for a variety of prototyping applications.* Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology delivers smooth gradations and flawless solid fills in every print mode. White ink allows you to print brilliant colors on dark and transparent substrates.

* For the best results, test print your VersaUV graphics on each substrate before production.

Includes Powerful, Easy-to-use Roland VersaWorks RIP Software

With VersaWorks RIP software, anyone can achieve professional print quality without advanced skills or previous experience. For the VersaUV, VersaWorks includes 50 patterns pre-registered into the texture library and ready to apply to your design.*

VersaWorks also features the Roland Color System which accurately reproduces spot colors from Roland Color charts and swatch books. To monitor your time and costs, VersaWorks automatically estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic you produce. VersaWorks is built on the genuine Adobe PostScript 3 engine for reliable quality and operation.

* The new 50 patterns will be available on Roland@NET from March 5, 2010.

Three Ink configurations to Support Your Business Demands

When installing the LEC-330, you can choose from three ink combinations to meet your business requirements. The standard ink configuration, CMYK+White+Gloss, allows you to use all availableLEC-330 ink options for the widest variety of applications. Select the high-opacity white ink configuration, CMYK+White+White, to print on transparent films for soft package prototyping. Take full advantage of thick gloss ink effects such as embossing with the CMYK+Gloss+Gloss configuration, perfect for prototypes that do not call for transparent media. This ink combination allows you to apply gloss ink twice as fast as the standard configuration.

*CMYK+White+Gloss configuration is available for the LEC-300A.

Higher Productivity and Finer Quality

We have also increased the print speed of the LEC-330 for maximum value and efficiency. The LEC-330 allows you to handle urgent requests by delivering finished prototypes, labels and products to your customers the next day. For example, the LEC-330 can print 100 wine bottle labels (as shown) in 46 minutes.*1

New high-quality artistic print mode (1440 x 1440 dpi) is ideally suited for offset and gravure printers that require sharp, detailed graphics and text for their prototypes.

*1 Print description: Each label above is 104 x 99 mm ( 4″ x 3.9″) and was printed in CMYK in standard print mode using Roland VersaWorks RIP software.