EGX-350 Features


EGX-350 Automatic Engraving Machines

Grow Your Business!

The EGX-350 was built from the ground up to quickly and easily produce todays most popular engraving jobs. Create beautiful custom signs and nameplates. Turn ordinary gifts, awards, and promotional items into treasured mementos by personalizing them with names, events or dates. Unlike other automatic engraving machines, the EGX-350 is also capable of producing design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto T-shirts, handbags and other apparel items.

Easy to Use

In addition to versatility, Roland made the EGX-350 incredibly easy to use. The automatic engraving machine features advanced surface detecting that simplifies setup by determining the Z axis starting point. A hand-held control panel with a large LCD screen lets you quickly select engraving options, such as spindle speed, without using a PC. Even cleanup is trouble-free with a one-touch vacuum adaptor.



The EGX-350 easily handles a wide variety of materials, including plastic, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and wood. Unlike laser or other automatic engraving machines, the EGX-350 preserves the original colors and textures of wood, brass and artificial marbles for a beautifully finished look.

R-Wear Studio Software
Roland R-Wear Studio
Never outsource your rhinestone jobs again! EGX-350/360/400/600 engravers come with Roland R-Wear Studio software for producing beautiful rhinestone templates from your designs. The software supports a large library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones that match the different colors, sizes and types available on the market. It also displays a jobs cost, allowing you to quickly calculate profits and manage rhinestone inventories.