Professional results at an affordable price
No previous engraving experience required
Compact size and quiet, safe operation

Saves Costs and Time of Outsourcing,Creates Additional Value:

The fast and quiet EGX-30A is today’s most cost-effective, computerized engraving solution, ideal for start-up firms working on a limited budget and any business wishing to eliminate outsourcing.

Roland Dr. Engrave Software Ensures Easy Setup and Operation:

Included Dr. Engrave software allows you to start engraving immediately.

Imports various types of text and bitmap images for vector tracing:
Supports industry standard True Type fonts
Single Stroke Font Editor (SFEdit) creates original single stroke fonts.

Imports Microsoft Excel database files in CSV format for variable data applications:
Creates name plates using data imported from an address book
Sequential numbering function creates serial number plates

Create one-of-a-kind rhinestone designs with R-Wear Studio:

With Roland’s optional rhinestone design software you can add value to T-shirts, apparel and gifts by following a few simple steps. ( Combine a Roland printer and plotter for even more variations on your designs. )