DWX-52DCi Features



DWINDEX Software Helps You Run Your Business Smarter

DWX-52DCi_photo_front_open_w_zirconia_dgs_re1The DWX-52DCi features new DWINDEX software to monitor milling operations and help you determine ROI so you can better plan, identify and manage machine productivity and lab profitability. DWINDEX monitors the following:

  • Operation time per tool
  • Operation time per disc
  • Operation time of the unit (day/week/month)
  • Error log
  • Materials used
  • History of deliverables

Reliable, Unattended Milling

You can load the 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with a variety of diamond coated, carbide and DGSHAPE hybrid tools to continuously mill jobs in different materials and multiple shades of zirconia or pin-type blocks without stopping production.

Precision 5-Axis Milling

A smooth and steady ball screw-driven system offers exceptionally precise results. The DWX-52DCi simultaneously rotates and tilts discs for deep undercuts and milling large arch applications and other full-mouth restorations with ease.


Automatic Disc Changer (ADC)

Load the six material adapters with different shades of zirconia or any combination of material discs to suit your needs. Assign them with milling jobs and let the automatic disc changer do the rest.

The adapter system enables multi-device adapter integration. The same material adapters can be milled on both the DWX-52DCi and DWX-52D for a convenient and scalable milling solution.

Automatic Air Pressure Control

An automated regulator eliminates the need for manual air control adjustments by changing air volume based on material data via the CAM software.