LPX- 600

Amazingly Easy To Use — LPX- 600 laser scanner generates 3D digital data for 3D CAD/CG

Roland’s LPX-600 makes 3D laser scanning easier than ever. With the simplicity of operation similar to a standard 2D scanner, you can now quickly and accurately create digital data from an object for 3D CAD/CG applications. The LPX-600 sets up easily for professional results right out of the box. No special training is required.

  • Includes Roland LPX EZ Studio scanning software.
  • Features USB connection for easy setup.
  • Benchtop size and quiet operation make the LPX-600 ideal for any office environment.

Scan your object in three easy steps:
Easy-to-use Roland LPX EZ Studio scanning software included:

Roland LPX EZ Studio scanning software controls the entire process from the initial scan to the creation of 3D CAD/CG data in a range of file formats including STL (Standard Tessellated Language, industry standard 3D CAD), GSF (Geometry Systems native file format) and 3DM (Rhinoceros file format). EZ Studio automatically eliminates extra polygons and fills holes for smooth, continuous surfaces.*
*The ability to fill holes automatically depends on the shape of the object and whether the laser can reach all sides including front and back.

A choice of two powerful packages for advanced users — Dr. PICZA 3 Scanning Software included or Pixform Pro Surface Software available as an option

The LPX-600 operates with either of two powerful software packages for advanced applications. Dr. PICZA 3 allows users to scan a designated area of an object by specifying the height, width, offset distance from the center, and the scanning angle required. In addition, it exports poly-line or point scanning data as 3D CAD data.

The LPX-600 can also be purchased with optional Pixform Pro software which supports robust polygon to NURB surface conversion and features numerous editing functions. With Pixform Pro, users can merge data scanned at different angles into one continuous surface, free of holes and undercuts. It can also smooth polygon data for even surface editing, curve generation and Boolean operations. Pixform Pro supports a wide array of 3D CAD/CG software as well.

beeldLarge working area and high-quality scanning as precise as 0.2mm (0.008") scanning-pitch

The LPX-600 allows you to scan a wide variety of objects as large as 254mm (10") in diameter and 406.4 (16") mm in height. The laser scans a maximum of 20 surfaces at right angles at a scanning pitch as fine as 0.2mm (0.008"). Once scanning starts, the laser travels vertically up the rotating object to generate a 3D file.