Affordable, High-Quality Scanning Without Special Training

Introducing the LPX-60 3D laser scanner, designed to deliver all the precision of Roland’s larger, more advanced LPX-60 in a compact, affordable device. Designed for ease of use, the LPX-60 can be controlled from a single button and comes complete with user-friendly scanning software that creates high-quality digital data from a wide variety of objects.

The LPX-60 is ideal for reverse engineering and the design of small items including the capture of prototypes.
Its unmatched ease of use allows virtually anyone to create 3D files without a lengthy learning curve.

In addition to commercial applications, the LPX-60 is well suited for vocational training and other educational use. Instructors and students alike can operate the LPX-60 with confidence right out of the box.
flowchartPowerful, User-Friendly Scanning Software Included

studioEvery LPX-60 includes Roland LPX EZ Studio. This powerful, easy-to-use scanning software controls the entire process from the initial LPX scan to the creation of 3D CAD/CG data in a range of file formats including STL (Standard Tessellated Language, industry standard 3D CAD format), GSF (Geometry Systems native file format) and 3DM (Rhinoceros file format). EZ Studio automatically eliminates extra polygons and fills holes for smooth, watertight mesh surface models. Roland LPX EZ Studio is compatible with Windows XP/2000 and Windows Vista.

High-Quality Scanning at 0.2 mm (0.008) Pitch

The LPX-60 features a new scanning head with an aspheric lens, and improved laser triangulation resulting in increased object coverage. And the rigid frame construction ensures high-quality scanning at a minimum of 0.2 mm (0.008) pitch. This precision head is ideal for capturing the surface details of an object. Thanks to its dual mode capability, the LPX-60 lets you choose Rotary mode for rapidly scanning spherical and smooth-surfaced objects, or Plane mode for capturing flat areas, oblique angles, and fine details.

Compact, Desktop Design Accommodates A Wide Scanning Area

The LPX-60 incorporates a unique compact design that fits right on the desktop. This manageable size is large enough to accommodate objects up to 203.2 mm (8) in diameter x 304.8 mm (12) in height. The LPX-60s quiet operation makes it ideal for office use.

Options for Advanced Users

Enhance your LPX-60 with these high-performance software packages from Roland:

  • Dr. PICZA3
    The LPX-60 comes with Dr. PICZA 3 advanced scanning software for more complex settings and detailed scanning of a designated area. With Dr. PICZA 3, you can export DXF, STL, Point Cloud, or PIX files.
  • Pixform™Pro
    Available as an option, PixformPro high-performance surface converting software automatically converts data to smooth NURBS surfaces and includes advanced editing features. PixformPro exports the data into DXF, STL, IGES, ICF, WRL, 3DM or ASC files.