MDX-50 Features


MDX-50 Features

Free Your Time

The automated features of the MDX-50 enables users to mill with speed and confidence. Combine the 5-station ATC and optional rotary axis unit for the most automated and precise operation:

  • Auto-sensing function corrects the tool length to ensure milling accuracy for every job

Optional rotary axis for effortless production of complex surfaces:

  • Includes a wide, self-centering headstock and tailstock workpiece clamps
  • Auto-rotates materials from 0-to-360 degrees
  • Indexes for 2-sided, 4-sided and custom angles

Included Software for Experts and Beginners

SRP Player CAM

The popular in Industry and Education software has been updated to match the advanced functions of the MDX-50. Milling settings can be configured in five simple steps, making operation straightforward even for those new to milling.

ClickMill Software provides direct control of the MDX-50 for surfacing, drilling holes, cutting pockets and other finishing processes, all without having to access CAD or CAM software.


G Code Support

The MDX-50 supports G-code NC programming language, making it well suited for both professional and educational applications.

Virtual Control Panel (VPanel)

VPanel serves as a computer-based virtual control panel with all of the functionality of the physical on-board control panel, as well as tool life management and e-mail alerts.